The Life and Times of Girl A & NQR
Scottish Dance Theatre
The Lowry, 23 March 2010

Naomi Murray and Joan Cleville in Scottish Dance Theatre's NQR

Naomi Murray and Joan Cleville in Scottish Dance Theatre's NQR

For this evening’s performance, Scottish Dance Theatre delivered a choice double-header.

The first offering involved a neat conceit: ‘The Life and Times of Girl A’ was a dance piece that pretended to be a film.  Solene Weinachter took the lead role, setting out the narrative with considerable panache; she held one’s attention completely.  And the final dance, with all the dancers moving as one, was mesmerising.  On one reading, Girl A’s story was about the intrusion of a dread reality in a romantic dream.

We then saw ‘NQR’, a piece that was quite different in character.  The title is an acronym of ‘Not Quite Right’, a formal medical term which is apparently used to describe unexplained difference. In it, dance occurred amidst a curious landscape of what seemed like luminous coffins, rectangular boxes in which we are perhaps all expected to fit.

Only the rarity of disabled and non-disabled dancers appearing on stage together leads one to remark that it occurred during the performance of this piece.  Clearly, it should happen regularly or as a matter of course.

Overall, an excellent evening of dance that was thought-provoking, immersive and effortlessly entertaining.  More please.

Scottish Dance Theatre is at The Lowry again tonight and touring throughout the UK until the end of May.  Details here.