Johnny Got His Gun (DVD)
Directed by Dalton Trumbo
USA, 1971
Arrow Films, March 2010

Johnny Got His Gun

With the release of this unique and brilliant film, an unnerving and excoriating journey awaits the intrepid viewer.

Trumbo wrote the novel, Johnny Got His Gun, at the close of the 1930s.  This inventive adaptation followed in 1971.  Quite a time difference.

Joe (Timothy Bottoms) had a normal life once, but it has become stunted through war and terrible injury.  He exists now through memory only, in a kind of hypnagogic coma, a dreamlike delirium.  That we see Joe as a soul in torment and are one with him is Trumbo’s triumph.

There are few films that will touch you as deeply as this one.  On viewing Johnny Got His Gun almost 40 years after its initial release, it more than stands up.  It is a harrowing film and an absolute one-off; it stands apart from virtually everything.

The DVD comes with several special features: the trailer of the film, an alternate scene, an interview with and documentary about Trumbo, the video of Metallica’s ‘One’, a song inspired by the film; and a booklet about Johnny Got His Gun written by Calum Waddell.

It is available now from Arrow Films.  Click here.