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Julia’s Eyes
(Los ojos de Julia)
Directed by Guillem Morales
Spain, 2010
Cornerhouse, 22 May 2011

Julia's Eyes

One of the best horror/crime films you are likely to see this year, and an intriguing meditation on the act of seeing itself (& invisibility also, come to that).

Here we follow Julia, a woman who is gradually losing her sight, as she investigates the death of her twin sister, who suffered also from the same degenerative eye condition.  Just about everyone accepts that she killed herself, but Julia doesn’t believe it; the special bond between twins tells her that her sister was murdered.

You will be gripped and scared by this film, and you’ll also be subject to several gruesome incidents, one involving a needle approaching an eye… it was excruciating to see, truly.  For cinematic storytelling, the film could hardly have been bettered: there was suspense throughout and the momentum never slackened.  It is clear that the film as a whole owes a big debt to Peeping Tom and one key scene at the end was probably derived from Wait Until Dark; but no matter, those are good films to be influenced by.

Some wild ride is in prospect when you go to see this one.