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A View from fhe Bridge
By Arthur Miller
Royal Exchange Theatre, 23 May 2011

A View From The Bridge.  Con O'Neill as Eddie Carbone.  Photo - Jonathan Keenan.

Con O'Neill as Eddie Carbone. Photo - Jonathan Keenan.

Miller’s play has all the lineaments of classical tragedy, including its peculiarly ineluctable logic, the sense that these people cannot act other than as they do.

Even when the play opens it is clear that a moment of crisis is at hand: Catherine (Leila Mimmack) takes a job of work, against her uncle Eddie’s wishes.  Sure Eddie (Con O’Neill) cannot see that she’s no longer a young girl and he has difficulty in acknowledging the full extent of his feelings for her.

The device of having the lawyer Alfieri (Ian Redford) partly narrate and comment on the action works well, mainly because he doesn’t directly tell us what these people are feeling.  All the actors are still free to act, without constraint.  Show, don’t tell.

Very many performances stood out in this fine production, and certainly all the principal actors pulled their weight.

A View from the Bridge is at the Royal Exchange until 25 June.  Details are here.