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Simply Barbra
By Steven Brinberg
The Lowry, 3 July 2011

Simply Barbra

If you are a Barbra Streisand fan, you’ll want to see this affectionate tribute to the great lady.

You’ll enjoy hearing a bountiful bouquet of beautiful songs, some of Barbra’s best, together with the odd cameo appearance by Eartha Kitt and Bette Davis.

There is catty, witty banter to smooth the wheels along between songs, make sure it all proceeds at a slick pace.  Somehow, the focus always remains on the music even though the comedy makes it teeter precariously at times.  Maybe it is because Steven Brinberg gives us a playful pastiche of Barbra Streisand, rather than a cruel parody: that’s probably the key to it.

Above all, Brinberg’s respect for the music is a constant.  And his performances of the songs are terrific.

Steven Brinberg will be performing at only one other date in the UK, unfortunately, and that’s in Milton Keynes.  Full tour dates are here.