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That Day We Sang
By Victoria Wood
Opera House, 6 July 2011


Photo by Joel Fildes

Victoria Wood’s entertaining comedy is awash with ‘70s nostalgia.

The play tells of a romance between two middle-aged people, Tubby (Vincent Franklin) and Enid (Jenna Russell), who when young sang in the Manchester School Children’s Choir.  Their courting takes place in a world of Berni Inns and Wimpy bars, and on a bench in Piccadilly Gardens.  Do you remember when yoghurt was new and exotic and Matchmakers were everyone’s special treat?  That’s where we are.

There’s a Poliakoff vibe to some of the scenes involving the choir, but on the whole this is vintage Victoria Wood territory.  The songs and dance routines are terrific, particularly the ‘Journeying in to Berni’s Inn’ song and Enid’s ‘More than my name’ shtick in the second half. 

And the children’s choir was fantastic.

That Day We Sang is at the Opera House until 17 July.  Further details are here.