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Film Socialisme
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
France & Switzerland, 2010
Cornerhouse, 10 July 2011

Film Socialisme

There is a pretty llama, two meowing cats and a beautiful girl who always seems to have her head in a book.

Either that or she was making various pronouncements, mostly political in nature.  I would like to have heard more from the llama, actually; it looked like it was deliberately holding its peace but had some interesting opinions nonetheless.

Certain individual moments appeal, such as when a boy, pretending to be blind and with his eyes closed tight, falteringly reaches around and embraces his mother as she does the washing up.

At the end the film briefly ranges over Egypt, Palestine, Napoli and various statements are voiced.  It must mean something, I suppose, just as words like ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ must mean something even when taken out of any context.

Anyway, a typical Godard film in so many respects.  He enchants, yet refuses to enchant.