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Rickie Lee Jones
The Bridgewater Hall, 10 July 2011

Rickie Lee Jones

Photo Credit: Joel Chester Fildes

A great gig, with the near legendary singer-songwriter performing all the songs off the 1981 album Pirates, and then a few others.

One of those others was ‘Chuck E’s in Love’, perhaps her best known song.  A love song and, what with allusions to bathetic locales like the pool hall and the drug store, a classic slice of Americana as well.

We got the Pirates songs in the order in which they were written this time, rather than as they appeared on the album.  Man, they still sounded melancholic and downbeat, as sorrowful as a story by John Fante.

The band were excellent and had the full range of weapons at their disposal – a full and accomplished wind section in particular (sax, trumpet, trombone) – to paint the songs in strong, sombre colours.

Seeing and hearing Rickie Lee Jones was a real privilege and pleasure.  She had a nice line in inter-song banter and the emotion was still there, real if not so raw.