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God Wept and the Devil Laughed
By Justin MacGregor
Come As You Arts North West
The Lowry, 15 July 2011

God Wept and the Devil Laughed

This is a play possessing plenty of light and shade, comedy and sorrow.

Even though we take in the horrors of war and genocide, and the living that must inevitably take place afterwards, there are still some laughs and lighter moments along the way.

The language often takes poetic flight and soars and there are a few ethereal scenes where the fallen dead speak to the still living.  I enjoyed all the performances, but David Crowley’s impish Lewis was probably my favourite, if I had to pick one.

One crucial correction: it was stated in the sermon at the beginning that the reading was taken from Solomon.  This is clearly wrong; it was from Ecclesiastes, chapter 3.

Well, anyway, a fine play.

God Wept and the Devil Laughed is at The Lowry until 17 July, some details being  here.  And a website devoted to the play is here.