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An Evening with Dom Joly
The Lowry, 16 July 2011

Dom Joly

In this show Dom Joly traipses through the highs and lows of his comedy career.

He covers the silliness of Trigger-Happy TV and the wry perspective evident in his travel shows, an indulgence toward various kinds of Johnny Foreigner.  His comedy could best be described as wry, silly, fantastical, in some way curiously English.

The best thing about Trigger-Happy TV, to my mind, was when Joly pretended to be a foreigner, a stranger lost in a strange land.  Just seeing people go out of their way to help him was fun: an English comedy that somehow elicits Englishness in others.

It was an enjoyable and entertaining evening, anyway; Dom Joly is a congenial host.  However, he should not swear quite so much, I’ve been advised, and he should also think of a more civilised way to end the show.  In the ensuing commotion I misplaced a biro, which disgruntles me still.