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Carlos Acosta’s Premieres Plus
The Lowry, 25 July 2011

Carlos Acosta: Premieres Plus

In this show Carlos Acosta performed works by several choreographers; and with consummate technique he showed his class.

His performance of Russell Maliphant’s ‘Two’ in the first part was spellbinding; it seemed to be of eternal duration.

It should be emphasised that Zenaida Yanowsky played an approximately equal part in proceedings, and her interpretation of Kim Brandstrup’s ‘Footnote to Ashton’ came close to perfection.  Rarely can a dance have been realised as fully, as completely.  Her rhythmic imperiosity created dynamic fact.

Looking at Premieres Plus as a whole, the show had an elegiac/commemorative/remembrance flavour to it.  It was all about bringing someone to mind, paying tribute to who and what they were, expressing gratitude for all they’ve given and been.  This was especially apparent in the final candle-lit work, as too in Miguel Altunaga’s ‘Memoria’ performed earlier in the show.

Premieres Plus is touring at the minute, further details here.