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Kari-gurashi no Arrietty
Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Japan, 2010
Cornerhouse, 29 July 2011


Once again, Studio Ghibli have made an animation that will enchant and delight children of all ages.

The film is about the relationship between Arrietty, a Lilliputian young lady, and Sho, a lonely Brobdingnagian (to Arrietty’s eyes, at least) boy who’s very unwell and awaiting an operation to save his life.  There is a reaching out and a connection and, though they must inevitably part, their lives are changed forever.

It is a delicate, heart-warming film, its characters perfectly realised and its world possessing a kind of hyper-reality, an imaginative truth.  To my mind, the artwork of the animation was like a combination of Moebius and Beatrix Potter; and this suited the film perfectly.  For the action was sometimes intrepid and adventuous, sometimes homely and charming. You could say that the animation depicted the world of childhood itself: wonderful and magical yet also cosy and secure.