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Mr. Stink
Stage Adaptation by Matthew White
The Lowry, 2 August 2011

Mr. Stink

‘He looks like he’s been blown up,’ said a young lad in the seat behind me, when he first caught sight of Mr. Stink, played by the grandfatherly figure of Peter Edbrook.

And so he did, what with his blackened face and the clothes hanging off him in shreds.  You could easily imagine that the fuse on one of those cannonball-like bombs had unexpectedly burnt all the way down, that it had suddenly gone ‘Bang!’ and that Mr. Stink had only just stumbled away from the wreckage.

Let us be clear about it.  This lively, hilarious musical, based on David Walliams’ best-selling children’s book, blew the audience away.  But they didn’t stumble away into the dark.  No, they strode home mightily, with a song in their heart and joy lighting their way…

Mr. Stink provides fantastic entertainment for the child in all of us, especially the child attracted to mischief and nasty smells.  God bless England and God bless toilet humour!  The show is currently touring throughout the UK and further details are here.