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Break My Fall
Directed by Kanchi Wichmann
UK, 2011
Cornerhouse, 9 August 2011

Break My Fall

Break My Fall was shaping up to be an intriguing and substantial film, at its centre a lesbian relationship where a degree of physical abuse had apparently been tolerated for a while…

And then the film was curtailed and the cinema closed early, because gangs of cretins were storming through the city centre.  The riots had spread to Manchester.  It is a matter of life imitating art, in this case I’d suggest Dawn of the Dead (1979), George A. Romero’s brilliant satire on consumerism, and the second film of his classic Zombie trilogy.

Break My Fall is showing as part of the POUT tour (further details here) and the next film, due to be shown on Thursday, is Man at Bath.  That might now depend on the Zombies staying away, mind, so I’d check beforehand.  The other films in the tour include Sea Purple and Taxi Zum Klo.