Death Row Diva – The Final Account of Crimson Skye
The Lowry, 13 August 2011

Death Row Diva

Crimson Skye, the cover girl of Murder Most Foul Quarterly, returns to The Lowry for some down-home high jinks.

Now on Death Row and awaiting execution, she uses her final hours to talk about her early life and later exploits.  How she would play the digging game with her beloved Mamma, what transpired when she met Ed, the love of her life.

In between, Miss Skye sang some popular love songs, giving each one her very own sinister twist.  Of these – and they were all terrific – the pick was probably ‘Always’, which had an especially creepy edge to its final verse and chorus.  It was like Blue Velvet and ‘the candy-coloured sandman’ all over again.

Not all performers can make you simply forget the stage on which they are giving of their best.  For some, some of the time, the stage seems too big or you are aware of extraneous things like protruding cables and the like.  Never once did any of that malarkey arise here, however, because your eyes never left the delightful and dangerously delectable Miss Skye.  Never once, not for a moment.  She was a mesmerising stage presence, lovely in her lethalness.  Her beautiful (and reet purty) smile emitted both warmth and heat.

Crimson Skye’s website is here.