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Elastic Bridge
Written and Performed by Eddie Fortune, Rosie MacPherson and John James Tomlinson
The Lowry, 19 August 2011

Elastic Bridge

The saving grace of this play is its humour.

Sylvia (Rosie MacPherson) comes to a bridge where Alexander (Eddie Fortune), a distraught gay librarian and a would-be suicide like her – though without her unique star-quality – contemplates his fate; and both are soon followed by Kurt (John James Tomlinson), an accountant seeking a different kind of oblivion.  The chosen career no longer does it for him.  Intimacy, or at any rate talkativeness, seizes them.  No hidden motives are left undivulged.

It meanders a little bit, to be frank, and the second part of the play is rather cursory, but the welcome sprinkling of humour allays these faults somewhat.