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The Proposal

Written by Reuben Johnson

Fiddy West Productions

The Lowry, 1 September 2011

The Proposal

As an entertainment, The Proposal is a success: a tragicomedy that opens all the right doors, pushing and pulling as and when appropriate.

It is mainly a love triangle, or perhaps an irregular pentagon when all the bodies are, finally, laid end to end.  There was a good variety to the comedy – some cringe-worthy moments, some slapstick/mock-fighting a la The Three Stooges – and the three principals, Tommy Vine, Howard Grater and Victoria Brittain, performed well.

However, the blokey take-home message at the end – girls can’t be trusted but mates, the odd jokey blackmail aside, are forever – may be OK for a sitcom like Men Behaving Badly, but it is fatal for a play that aspires to be taken at all seriously.