Self Made

Directed by Gillian Wearing

United Kingdom, 2010

Cornerhouse, 4 September 2011

Self Made

A handful of people respond to an ad, with the aim of making a film about their lives.

They undertake actor’s training with a Method teacher called Sam.  You can tell he’s wise because he wears a cap indoors.

The goal seems to be to attain a kind of truth or reality or perspective – to become, if only for a brief time, the person they wished they were or feared they might be.  It is an excoriating journey for all.

As for the resulting films – we see five of them – they have something of the quality of a vital lie; and they are character studies, rather than full-blown narratives.  One especially traumatic journey was Ash’s, and his fear of the violence within him.  His fear that he might become like the men he despises.

A haunting documentary.