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Translunar Paradise

Written by George Mann

Theatre Ad Infinitum

The Lowry, 9 September 2011

Translunar Paradise

Photo credit: Alex Brenner

An extraordinary work of theatre and an exquisite demonstration of how, sometimes, less is more.

The play uses mime, masks, music and dance to tell the story of a widower pining for his lost love.  His memories are evoked by the dusty contents of a battered, brown-leather suitcase.  She looks on as a spirit and cannot resist the uber temptation to touch him, to show her hand.

What follows is a coming together that is always moving, sometimes humorous and rudely sublime.  Their dancing is by turns affectionate and raucous, elegant veering towards erotic.

When you consider the quaint paucity of materials out of which the play has been made, it is astonishing that it should be so memorable and haunting.  Not only does Translunar Paradise share no little kinship with the silent films of Chaplin and the woodcut novels of Lynd Ward, it is of the same stature.

TranslunarParadise is touring throughout September and October.  You’ll need to scroll down a little bit, but the tour dates can be found here.