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Turning 20

Candoco Dance Company

The Lowry, 14 September 2011

Turning 20 - Candoco

Sure there is a paradox at work here.

For on reaching the significant age of 20, Candoco is the one proffering gifts, not receiving them.  Those happy gifts take the form of three works, two newly minted and one revisited.

‘Looking Back’ by Rachid Ouramdane was an abundant piece which explored the fragility of the body, its tender subjection to the physical world.  As you watched it, the conviction came that there is no such thing as a given reality: you can always intervene or change it in some way.  And there are always more and different things to see.  So that idea must also have been present in some form.  Perhaps it was simply that when the music abruptly changed, so did the rhythm and tempo of the dance.

The second piece, ‘This is It’, was an individual performance by Victoria Malin, who was looking for all the world like the sister of Lady Gaga or the daughter of Amii Stewart, she of ‘Knock on Wood’ fame.  Gabrielle Drake’s get-up in UFO would be another cultural reference.  Her costume was ideal for both breaking hearts and fighting evil.  With consummate ease she realised these twin goals.

Just joyous continuous motion, that’d be the best description of ‘Set and Reset/Reset’ by Trisha Brown, first performed in 1983.  This reimagining of a classic work was a wondrous spectacle.

Here and now, Candoco can look back on many beautiful achievements and unique triumphs in its inspiring history.  But 20 is still a young age and, moreover, an age of promise.  Imagine what its future will be.

Turning 20 is touring up until March 2012, details are here.