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Seven for a secret… Tour 2011

Rambert Dance Company

The Lowry, 21 September 2011

Seven for secret (c) Eric Richmond

Photo by Eric Richmond

You sometimes don’t know where to start or what to say when dance is this good: beautiful and accomplished, as irrefragable as Godel’s theorem, perfect.

‘The Art of Touch’, the first work to be performed this evening, was a case in point.  For here the dance arose naturally from Scarlatti’s music, played perfectly on harpsichord by Carole Cerasi.  She can play something wonderful when given light to read the score by!  There was an inevitability about the dance and movement, it gently touched the nerves, which is to say the strings of one’s own soul.

It was a world premiere up next, of a work entitled ‘Seven for a secret, never to be told’.  Quite an interesting nursery rhyme in itself (as they all are, when examined deeply), this one explored the world of childhood.  Dancers donned the persona of  boy scouts, girl guides, the lad from The Jungle Book, perhaps even Nemo of Slumberland fame.  A tartan cape caught the eye:  it was used in a bull fight, but as quaint play not enervating duende.  I thought of Winnicott’s remark to the effect that children love to hide but would find it frightening not to be found.  So would we all.

The final work, ‘A Linha Curva’, was a joyous outpouring, many dancers moving forward in phalanx formation in response to an insistent, oscillating rhythm.  Wave upon wave of them, it seemed like.  They advanced like Roman soldiers but their smiles and open hearts took the place of swords and shields.

All in all, a dazzling display of dance throughout.

The Seven for a secret… Tour is at The Lowry until 23 September, details here.  It then continues throughout the UK until at least the end of December.  Full tour dates are here.