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RNCM String Orchestra
RNCM Concert Hall, 30 September 2011

That, along with art, is what made most of these moments for us.

And it was here in abundance, in a concert that featured works by Arvo Pärt, Aulis Sallinen, Vaughan Williams and Britten.

Pärt is an extraordinary composer, you never want his works to end; they’re like continuous, almighty whooshes of sound.  It is as though you are watching a beautiful animal, just having bathed, stepping out of the water.  Slowly its beauty is revealed, but it will never reveal itself fully.  Time becomes frozen before that point.  So the listener feels when Pärt’s soundscapes revert at last to silence.

Plus or minus, you feel; either course would introduce a flaw, disrupt the flow.  This concert was cool, despite the unseasonal heat, and calibrated to perfection.  Spot on.

The full programme as performed on the night is here.