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The Haunted Bride

By John Goodrum

Rumpus Theatre Company

The Lowry, 19 October 2011

The Haunted Bride

This is an engrossing adaptation of ‘To Be Read at Dusk’, Dickens’ classic tale.

Although best described perhaps as a paranormal romance, it also has a sci-fi element – time travel of a kind is present.  There’s a paradox at the heart of it.  How can you go back in time without altering the events that made you who you are?  And doesn’t (or shouldn’t) this impact on whether you do, in fact, go back in time?

Amanda Howard and Neil Bull play all the characters (there are five in total, I think), wholly holding the audience’s attention throughout.  All you need bring to this play is imagination, concentration and a willingness to be transported to an earlier time and place.  They’ll do the rest and you’ll soon be caught captive and rapt, whisked away, no probs.

The Haunted Bride is touring throughout the UK until November 2011, for tour dates click here and scroll down awhiles.