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Pop Centre Plus

Frisky and Mannish

The Lowry, 20 October 2011

Frisky & Mannish

Grand pastiche, an exhilarating pillage, satire with style – those are just a few ways in which you might characterise this entertaining foray into pop music’s rich history.

What the duo do is make you aware of the surface depths and hidden shallows of pop music, the way it has insinuated itself into all of our lives – and they make you laugh and smile along the way.  In a sense, pop songs provide a kind of emotional grammar which we all fall back on.  They influence how we behave, and perhaps not always for the best.

The trek through Madonna’s Picasso-like career was one highlight of the show, a trek taken via Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey’s ‘History Repeating’.  Another was the medley of performances based around Rihanna’s ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ (or ‘Good Gay Gone Bad’ in the case of George Michael).  Stiil another highlight lay in the range of emotions (mainly dysfunctional, it has to be said) that Frisky was able to wring out of The Bangles’ needy and actually quite creepy ‘Eternal Flame’.  It has the same vibe as the film Play Misty for Me, does this song – an anthem for female stalkers everywhere.  Then there was the Grime skit…

Overall, this was a splendid show, endlessly delightful.  However, one question, which I’ve been specifically instructed to ask, remains: was Frisky wearing Melissa shoes?

Frisky and Mannish’s Pop Centre Plus is currently touring throughout the UK, details here.