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Glen Campbell

The Lowry, 21 October 2011

Glen Campbell

The old master is still going strong.

He played his famous hits and some little known songs, paying due credit along the way to Jimmy Webb, songwriter extraordinaire.  We got the chance to sing along to ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ and clapped along to others.

There was a humility and gratitude to the man, evident above all in the music; in his performance of ‘Amazing Grace’, say.  His vitality and enjoyment of life was there for all to see, and his daughter’s watchful care and occasional gentle reminders were touching.

Every person stood up and applauded him at the end.  This is a literal, wholly factual statement.  Every person, without exception.  Let us rejoice that here is one extraordinary musician whose gifts are fully appreciated in his lifetime.

Glen Campbell is touring the UK at the minute, details here.