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Slava’s Snowshow

The Lowry, 26 October 2011

Slava's Snowshow

Photo by A. Lopez

It is a very funny show, this one, though you’d be at a loss to say what it is about exactly.

There’s a lot of dastardly and decorous clowning, a series of absurdist vignettes and the odd plaintive appeal for understanding and forgiveness.  You could say that the audience create the show as much as the performers; their role is sometimes to get or elicit a response.

One clowns spends a lot of time dying – an arrow through the heart eventually does him in – and it is hilarious (but why?) and another, the archer and murderer, takes to the stage angling for a round of applause for his sniper’s instinct, his fine hand and eye coordination.  And he gets it, naturally.

If this were not a children’s or rather a family show, you catch yourself thinking, it would be a radical absurdist drama and quite a good one at that.  The kind of thing Daniil Kharms might write and get away with – remember his ‘Pushkin and Gogol’.

Anyway, Slava’s Snowshow is a real treat and a timely reminder that sometimes a man falling off a chair can be the funniest thing in the world.

Slava’s Snowshow is at The Lowry until 30 October, and then tours throughout the UK.  Full tour dates are here.