Midge Ure

The Lowry, 6 November 2011

Midge Ure

This was a scintillating solo show from the Ultravox frontman.

Yes, there is a nostalgia kick about seeing Midge Ure in concert once more, but what makes it all work is that the songs stand up.  Where once he dressed in New Romantic finery, now Midge is in checked shirt and jeans, strumming a guitar.  But the songs retain their terse, cinematic quality – reminding you that videos had just come in when Ultravox were at their peak – and Ure remains a charismatic performer.

Even the couplet ‘If I were a leader / Food from above I would feed her’ somehow shimmers and sparkles.

Midge Ure’s forthcoming tour dates can be found here.