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Written and directed by Andrew Haigh

UK, 2011

Cornerhouse, 5 November 2011


This one’s a real gem, a beautiful love story.

It is an ordinary night, your standard one night stand.  The night extends into a weekend and the two men share secrets, little-told truths.  There’s an integrity to it all – to the relationship, the performances of Chris New and Tom Cullen, the film itself.

One thing it emphasises: don’t neglect people, friends around you.  Don’t go easy on them, either, that’s a form of under-appreciation and neglect.  Kindness can be cruelty.  Russell’s (Tom Cullen’s character) surprise at the depth of his feeling for Glen (Chris New) is, to my mind, the best moment of the film.  He breaks down and is bewildered.  Bewilderment is good, a fitting way to face the world.  Fanny Howe approves of it, any roads, and so should you.

As a love story, Weekend is raw, uncontrived, bathetic, big-hearted.  It’s a terrific film.