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The Teacher

Directed by Brillante Mendoza

Philippines, 2006

Cornerhouse, 19 November 2011


An important portrait of the marginalised and the dispossessed in the Philippines.

There are two engines to the film.  The main one is a forthcoming Philippine election and the efforts of a young woman to enable people in her Aeta community – her family and friends – to vote.  She’s a literacy teacher; the people in her community are unaccustomed to reading and writing.  Her grandfather is a hunter and he is after a wild boar; and this provides the second engine of the film.

In a sense, what we have are two forms of empowerment, one recent or emerging (the right to vote, literacy) and one traditional but waning (for hunting as a way of life seems to be on its way out) and Brillante Mendoza has captured a moment in time when both are crucial, both important.

Manoro was shown as part of the Asia Triennial Manchester 11 Film Programme.  Forthcoming films can be seen here.