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Written and performed by Tom Wainwright

Royal Exchange Studio

24 November 2011

Pedestrian by Tom Wainwright

This monologue by Tom Wainwright fairly reeks of contemporary Britain.

Some parts of it – say the account of the lunch half-hour at Tesco’s – feel like stand-up, but even here the observations on the whole ring true.  There’s a fantastical aspect to it, involving a fish of all creatures, the surrealist’s friend.  What I like best of all about it, though, is the venom: there is a barely audible snap whereby reasonableness turns to exasperation and gradually morphs into a full-on rage.  That’s modern Britain in a thumbnail pic: impatience, spleen, disgust.  We are all Evelyn Waugh now.

Tom Wainwright’s performance, the actual physicality of it, was one of the surprising high-points of the work.  Oh, and he’s in a dream, walking along a street.  I neglected to mention the set-up at the start.

Pedestrian is at the Royal Exchange’s Studio until Saturday 26 November, details here.