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Robert Mitchum is Dead

Robert Mitchum est mort

Directed by Fred Kihn & Olivier Babinet

France, 2010

Cornerhouse, 3 December 2011

Robert Mitchum is Dead

There is an echo of The Wizard of Oz in this film too (see the review of Labyrinth below), Franky (Pablo Nicomedes) changing from a tin man outfit at the beginning.

Then he is off with Arsène (Olivier Gourmet), his agent/manager, in a quest to find a reclusive director, a kind of Wizard figure; it’s a road movie that’s at once weird and engaging.

It is full of unusual characters and incidents, not least Bakary Sangaré as a black teddy boy with Nosferatu-length fingernails.  Danuta Stenka does a heavenly turn as a siren, seductive with her sunglasses on and heartrendingly vulnerable with them off.

Stolen cars can only take you so far: that’s your moral, if you’re looking for one.