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Red Riding Hood

Horse + Bamboo

Royal Exchange Theatre, 15 December 2011

Red Riding Hood

Children will love this humorous, engaging version of the classic fairy tale.

One of the highlights for me was the life-size puppet of a wolf, which was very realistic, what with fur you could easily imagine yourself stroking.  Besides puppets, there was animation and masks and plenty of comedy.  Red Riding Hood herself was depicted in an expressive, childlike mask.

  • Red is the colour of Manchester United, love hearts, fire, the devil, revolution, poppies and Rita Hayworth’s hair.
  • Wolves are chthonic creatures incarnate, only visible to human beings (or so an old legend has it) when they have a message to impart.

When the two meet, there’s gonna be a clash…

The two principal characters are actually soulmates after a fashion.  They should get to know each other.  Really, they’d make a lovely couple.  Or have you two, by any chance, already met?

Red Riding Hood created laughter and delight in the sixty or so schoolchildren who saw it with me, so that’s a good job well done.  It is playing at the Royal Exchange Theatre until the end of December, further details here.