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Amedei Milk Chocolate filled with Croccantino

Cocoa about 32%



Amedei have the reputation of making the finest chocolate in the world, ‘from bean to bar’, as they say.

I begin my brief but no doubt delight-strewn dalliance with their products by sampling a bar close to the English experience, good old milk chocolate paired with croccantino.   There are a mere four cubes of chocolate here, at a price that could buy you two large bars from Cadbury’s or the like.  It is precious and pricey and so had better be good…

Perhaps because of the price I expected something showy or spectacular.  This was, instead, familiar but smooth and satisfying nonetheless.  Clearly of high quality and the ingredients, the high cocoa quotient especially, tells you that too.

‘What is croccantino?’ you may well ask.

Why, it’s a filling made from cocoa butter, cane sugar and minute yet still crunchy (so I’m guessing, roasted) flakes of almond and hazelnut.  Overall, the effect is delightful – and, yes, it does melt in your mouth.

I enjoyed most of this excellent chocolate bar while watching the musicals Meet Me in St. Louis and White Christmas.  It was the icing on the cake.

Amedei chocolate is avalable in the UK through King’s Fine Food and further details of this particular product can be found here.