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Amedei White Chocolate filled with Pistachios

Cocoa about 29%


Amedei White Chocolate filled with Pistachios

It is impossible to eat white chocolate without thinking of the Milky Bar Kid.

That freckled, bespectacled boy in a cowboy getup was an unlikely hero, yet somehow he always managed to save the day.  But was he the sheriff or merely a lone vigilante?

Just four cubes of chocolate – yes, that’s all – but what fine chocolate it is!  There’s a luminous covering, a crescent encasing, of subtly creamy white chocolate, like fresh snow upon thatch.  Newly fallen, virginal and pure, untrodden by bird or workman.  Whilst the filling consists of minute grains of cane sugar and nut, golden fragments you might say, resting in a cocoa butter base.   Perhaps it is the hint of vanilla that makes for the unique magic.  Or it could be the variety of nuts that are embedded within: you’ll find almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts as well as the aforementioned pistachios.  Maybe that’s the secret.

Anyway, whatever the reason, this chocolate bar inspires and invigorates as it gives pleasure.  You’ll feel confident about beating the Milky Bar Kid to the draw, no worries at all, after downing as little as an eighth of it!

I enjoyed this excellent ‘latte bianco’ while seeing Justin Moorhouse in Two and Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Beauty and the Beast.  It is available in the UK through King’s Fine Food, further details here.