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Fairport Convention

The Lowry, 4 February 2012

Fairport Convention

This was an excellent concert by the veteran folk rock outfit.

They performed vibrant versions of their own and others’ songs, each one sounding fresh and newly minted.  An Ewan MacColl song about a farmboy’s dalliance with a seductive temptress got the most resounding response of the evening.  There were also songs about sea-faring voyages, gentle maidens who were much beloved, British imperialism, cuckolded husbands, Mary Queen of Scots, and usnea’s magical properties as a tonic and aphrodisiac (it might be illegal to make use of it nowadays, alas).  All very English, one might say sometimes Anglo-Saxon.

The bandying between the songs was lively and witty, the musicianship was top-notch and on the money.  On this showing, the band will make it to their half-century no problem.  Just five years to go and they’re there.  How time flies.

Fairport Convention are continuing on tour until mid-March, details here.