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Paul Carrack

The Lowry, 4 February 2012

Paul Carrack

This is music for those who are wont sometimes to pet animals backwards, albeit when no one’s watching.

Paul Carrack’s voice is the lethal weapon, but he’s adept at playing other instruments too: guitar, keyboards, a weird flute-like contraption, perhaps of his own invention…  And, of course, he writes songs too.

Here he sang some of his old and new songs, covering some classics an’ all.  It’s probable that ‘The Living Years‘ will always be his signature tune, but the pure funk of ‘Better than Nothing’ was the highlight of the concert for me.  (There’s a version of that song here.)  And ‘Over My Shoulder’ always sounds great.

That’s a mean, lean band Carrack has behind him by the way, their myriad talents ably complementing his own.

Paul Carrack is currently touring throughout the UK, details here.