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Travelling Light

By Nicholas Wright

Directed by Nicholas Hytner

National Theatre Live

Cornerhouse, 9 February 2012

Travelling Light

What you have here is something of a paradox.

For Travelling Light is a play about the beginnings of cinema that as part of National Theatre Live is being screened in cinemas world-wide.

The conceit of the play is that Hollywood, or rather the spirit of that iconic place, has somehow been transposed  to a Jewish village in Eastern Europe.  So we have the preview to gauge audience reaction, the casting couch, the star system, the conventions of storytelling – and there are also (rudimentary) films within the play.

In spirit it is quite close to Giuseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso and, naturally enough, the story is told through flashback: a Hollywood director, a kind of Irving Thalberg figure, telling the story of how he first started out.

It’s a gorgeous watch, the performances possessing a real propulsive force.  And Antony Sher’s character Jacob, the owner of a timber mill and the chief financier of the films, is virtually a force of nature.

There is a dedicated National Theatre Live site with trailers and productions pics of Travelling Light.  Check it out here.

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