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The Confetti Maker

By Frank Wurzinger

The Lowry, 11 February 2012

The Confetti Maker

He creates fake snow-flakes, or are they granules of sunlight?

At the centre of this comedic work is a ‘little man’, a downtrodden character like the ones Norman Wisdom or Jerry Lewis used to specialise in playing, who assiduously cuts up paper to make confetti in some ‘70s-style factory.  There are lashings of physical comedy, some dancing and juggling (‘the instant engendering form and form making the instant visible’ as a philosophical poet once put it) and a waxing of verbal wit, including a Shakespeare soliloquy.

This leaves out mention of the puppetry – and a sorry tale of love lost it is that’s told.  But it is a lot to take in, my pretties, it’s quite a ride.

The show will appeal to children as well as grown-ups with child-like hearts.  And those hearts will surely swell.

The Confetti Maker can currently be seen on tour, details here.  And there’s a trailer of the show here.