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Directed by Eric Khoo

Singapore, 2011

Cornerhouse, 18 February 2012


Yoshihiro Tatsumi invented Gekiga, a kind of comic geared towards adults.

He was, on my understanding, a Japanese Robert Crumb or Harvey Pekar and this film is both a tribute to Tatsumi and an account of how Eric Khoo,  the writer and director, got into comics.  The two are, as it happens, closely related: Tatsumi was Khoo’s constant inspiration and his artistic hero.

There are several stories by Tatsumi incorporated into the film – his work is generally realistic, though dark and downbeat.

Naturally the whole of it is in the form of animation: comics, drawn figures.  It suffices.  As ever, Scott McCloud was right: you can express anything using comics and animation.

Here’s some more info about Gekiga.