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Louise Hopkins and Piers Lane

Manchester Chamber Concerts Society

RNCM Concert Hall, 27 February 2012

Louise Hopkins

Louise Hopkins

Piers Lane

Piers Lane. Photo credit: Clive Barda

Kindred as cello and piano are, they’re not too similar in sound.

One can quite imagine them as two currents in a river, the solid strings of the piano all surface force and propulsive power, the cello’s lambent tones the more intense.  However, here sometimes these roles were reversed.

This was a wonderful concert, Louise Hopkins (cello) and Piers Lane (piano) allowing all their class to come to the fore.

Of the five works performed, pride of place must go to the last, Rachmaninov’s Sonata in G minor.  The two musicians did full justice to the profound emotion present – like jewels on a mountaintop – in this intense work.  Dvorak’s Romantic Piece No. 4, though of short duration, was dazzling and altogether sublime.  It gladdened one’s heart.  There was as well the recondite musical complexity of works by Beethoven (his Sonata No 4 in C major) and Janacek (the Pohadka) and the bleak, desperate outcry of Sibelius’ Malinconia.

A concert offering something to everyone for whom music has become a vital necessity.

And Mr. Lane wore some seriously snazzy socks.  Check it: an array of black and white cheques.

This was one of a series of concerts organised by the Manchester Chamber Concerts Society.  For details of future concerts, click here.