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Arrugas (Wrinkles)

Directed by Ignacio Ferreras

Spain, 2011

Cornerhouse, 3 March 2012


This film is full of vibrant characters, droll humour and touching individual stories.

Despite its seemingly grim subject matter – the film looks at the onset of old age and we see myriad ailments, including even Alzheimer’s itself, take their toll – you’re left feeling quite cheered at the close.

The way that Emilio rages against the dying of the light, the tale of how Modestio won his sweetheart’s love, Miguel’s indefatigable wheeling-and-dealing – the sight of all these will enliven and gladden anyone’s heart.

It’s a compassionate film and a fine adaptation of Paco Roca’s comic, which I was unfamiliar with before but am now going to seek out.

Arrugas is showing again on Wednesday (details here) as part of Viva, the Spanish and Latin American Film Festival (details here).