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Romeo and Juliet

Music by Prokofiev

Moscow City Ballet

Opera House, Manchester

15 March 2012

Romeo and Juliet

This vibrant production brings out all the edge-of-the-seat drama and colourful spectacle of the classic Shakespearean story.

At its centre, there is Prokofiev’s supple score: a dangerous and tremulous beast, lithe yet soulful.  The courtship is delightful, of course, and Daniil Orlov (as Romeo) and Liliya Orekhova (Juliet)  make a fetching couple.  Even so, the thrilling swordplay and jousting slyly trumps it in this production, such is the power of these scenes.  Talgat Kozhabaev (Tybalt) is a most impressive villain.

And then, overarching all, there is the shadowy spectre of death, the ballet is virtually framed by it, and the suggestion and insinuation of an existence beyond the threshold of the perceptible world.  It is all in present in Prokofiev’s score, naturally, and it’s perfectly realised on stage.

Moscow City Ballet are touring the UK until the end of March, future tour dates are here (click and scroll all the way down).