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Directed by Morten Tyldum

Norway, 2011

Cornerhouse, 7 April 2012


No worries: this fast-paced Norwegian thriller, an adaptation of a Jo Nesbo novel, has the desired effect.

To summarise the plot over-much would be tedious and in the end counter-productive.  Suffice to say, there is a short guy with a Napoleon complex, a recruitment consultant moonlighting as an art thief, and he is being chased by a ruthless go-getting killer.

The best moment is a variation of the stock Saturday matinee scene where the hero clambers into a river and evades capture by breathing through a reed.  Those of a sensitive disposition would be well advised to hold their nose when it surfaces.

By the end you’ll have been royally entertained, for it’s an accomplished and efficient film.  Instead of examining the story too closely, just enjoy the thrilling ride.  Rubens, for one, would take that attitude.