Rich Hall
The Lowry, 12 April 2012

Rich Hall

There is a rich seam of grouchiness and grumpiness to Hall’s brand of humour, and Man does he mine it.

The first half covered such topics as British and American politics and various audiences’ responses to humour.  Hall also took time out to pummel Primark and cast a cold eye at Kraft’s particular aesthetic approach (‘laminated’ is the word that hit home most) to food production.  He also grilled and riffed off the audience: those guys in the front row, sitting ducks the lot of them, took a hell of a beating.  Well, a bit of a one: nobody died.

In the second half there was more of the same splendidly strong stuff, plus some songs.  One of them, which had the title of ‘Roberta’ and was about a young woman of the same name, stood out.  A thought struck me during this song: Rich Hall and Crimson Skye on stage together, wouldn’t that be something?

If you are looking for the kind of comedy that arises out of exasperation, sober disbelief at the goings-on in the modern world and dumbfounded despair at the same, then do go and see this cantankerous comedian.  Those dark jewels are his hallmark and he won’t disappoint.

Rich Hall is playing at The Lowry until Saturday 14 April (details here) and then performs elsewhere in the UK, details here.