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Damsels in Distress

Directed by Whit Stillman

USA, 2011

Cornerhouse, 28 April 2012

Damsels in Distress

It is a charming comedic concoction.

Quirky, yes, yet not irritatingly so.  A chick flick, yeah probably, but bereft of any banal romance.  In fact, the film’s very specific style is so perfectly realised that it creates its own unique world, a world as unreal and as convincing – both of these at once – as P. G. Wodehouse’s.  Imagine a modern film where mobile phones are absent: an innocuous detail, you may say, still a telling one.  You’ve got that here.

Do go and see this weird and wonderful film.  Among the copacetic characters, Greta Gerwig’s Violet is an agreeable amalgam of Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa and Isadora Duncan –in exactly that order.  See the film with a friend and you can have further fun by practicing the Sambola with them afterwards.