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Ute Lemper
RNCM Theatre, 3 May 2012

She is as classy as the songs she sang.

And since those songs came from the likes of Kurt Weill, Jacques Brel and Astor Piazzolla, you can conclude that she was very classy indeed.

We saw each song come fully alive; they were acted and danced as well as sung into being.  In the process we saw Ute Lemper change from vamp to woman hopelessly in love to knowing observer of life’s, or more specifically men’s, decadent follies.

The banter between the songs, especially insomuch as it concerned the history of a certain red feather boa, was wittier and more risqué than you normally get.  It was also very well organised and well thought out and not at all rambling, but that’s only to be expected: she is German, you know.

Most precious vision of the night: Miss Lemper in evening dress and heels, reclined seductively across the piano except for one foot kicking the air, her allure bewitching all.

Ute Lemper is playing again in Edinburgh tonight, then she tours – and will no doubt conquer – Europe and beyond.  Tour dates can be found here.