Paul Merton

The Lowry, 13 May 2012

Paul Merton’s show is loosely based around the mental health problems he’d had some years back.

The tone is light, though, not at all doom and gloom.  Furthermore, it’s not all stand-up: there are also sketches and songs, some improvisation and ventriloquism, a few snippets of shadow-play.  Rather a weighty variety to it all, in truth, and although that’s no bad thing at all, actual meaty substance is largely missing.

If I had to elaborate on this qualm, I’d say that Merton seemed too comfortable and at ease, but maybe that’s just his manner.  His demeanor vibed ‘going through the motions’, though perhaps he is just well-practiced.  At any rate – best interpretation this one – it was a smooth performance just not awfully edgy or exciting.

Limericks would have been welcome, and would certainly have improved matters – there were none, alas.

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