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Toxic Bankers!

By Andrew Taylor and Desmond O’Connor

The Lowry, 24 May 2012

Toxic Bankers!

This intelligent, well-acted drama takes a long, hard look at some of those chemically challenged city folk.

It’s probably best described as a satirical musical and if you think of Sondheim doing Whoops! you’ll get the gist, right enough.  The songs have a smart and sassy quality, and I was only mildly surprised to learn that they were written by Desmond O’Connor, a name that benighted burlesque-goers and absinthe-quaffers (I’ve developed an abiding affection for Gold Wasser, myself) will likely know.  He’s a familiar face on the cabaret circuit, what with his panda-spec eyes and all that.

They have keyhole surgery incisiveness, do these songs, at their best.  If they also draw as many spurts of blood as a ragged rusty blade might, should we be surprised?

I enjoyed this show immensely, was vastly entertained all the way through.

Toxic Bankers! is at The Lowry again tonight, details here.  Future tour dates will most likely be posted here.