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The Spaghetti Western Orchestra

The Lowry, 24 May 2012

These fellows play the music of Ennio Morricone, and mighty fine they are at it too.

They dress as characters from Westerns as well – there’s a desperado, a bounty hunter, an undertaker or casino owner (easy to get these two mixed up), a bank teller… no cowgirls, mind, nor showgirls wearing garters, neither.  Another time, maybe.

Their musical instruments include a theremin, always a treat to see one on stage and in operation.  And the music was enhanced by various visual effects, notably a toy train trundling along – a sweet reminder that robbing a train was virtually de rigueur in Leone’s Westerns.  Morricone’s music works terrifically well here and it got me thinking about other composers who’ve written for films – Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, John Williams, Lalo Schifrin – and how well their music would fare in a show like this.  If given the same kind of classy, inventive treatment, their music would make a great show, for sure.