On the Sly

Directed by Olivier Ringer

France, 2011

Cornerhouse, 3 June 2012

The star of this film is the director’s daughter, playing a child who feels neglected and unloved.

In time she decamps to a forest, where she makes friends with a fish and a dog and has an icky moment with a wave of worms.  Waving or squirming, they’re doing one of the two.

Although there is an occasional disconnect, an asynchronicity you could say, between the action on screen and the English voiceover (the film has been dubbed into English, not always successfully) it is a charming film overall.  As well as vital survival skills (building a tree house, appreciating the nutritional value of worms, etc.), the girl learns that her parents watch over and care for her after all.

It’s a film that both children and their adult retinue will enjoy.